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Moving with MCCS “Plan Your Move, Plan Your Career”

Following you spouse doesn’t mean you need to leave your career behind. Maintain your leave accrual, sick-time, and vacation time when you transfer from one benefited MCCS position to another. Although our MCCS program offerings may vary slightly across installations due to each area’s unique geographic assets, our mission remains the same.

Core MCCS programs exist for both Marine and Family Programs and our Business Operations branches. Chances are your new command has your current role but it cannot be guaranteed that it is available for a direct transfer (in such a case that it is currently filled). However, like the versatile nature of our military spouses, many MCCS roles are dynamic like our united mission amongst the MCCS programs. As a member of our team you will be invested in and provided skills that are often transferable to other areas of our community.

Work with your current supervisor and HR team to talk about how your role may be available at your next duty station. Interact with the map below to see where MCCS will take you.

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