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Marine Corps Exchanges provide a full line of retail products to active duty Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen; as well as to their family members, retirees, and other authorized patrons. The Marine Corps Exchanges and its various activities are Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAF) of the federal government and fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense and the Department of the Navy.

The centralized merchandising staff at Headquarters (HQ) Marine Corps Exchange is responsible for system wide retail programs to include: advertising; corporate merchandising and private label programs, policy and coordination of information, and markets for the exchanges. Our merchandising policy is to respond to customer demand when selecting items and brands. Accordingly, the stock assortment is generally comprised of brands and private label items that offer a demonstrated value that has consumer acceptance in the commercial sector. Each buyer reviews merchandise lines and determines if a product or service should be carried based on customer demand, prices, and terms.

Marine Corps Exchanges purchase retail merchandise, supplies, and equipment from manufacturers and suppliers through negotiation, based on full and free competition.


If you are interested in becoming a potential supplier for our Retail Stores, create a Free Company and Product Profile on Range Me.

How RangeMe works:

  1. Create a product profile The upload process will help you enter all the key info we need to see.
  2. Your product is matched with the right category buyer Clever technology ensures you're showcasing your assortment to the right person.
  3. Buyers review your products.
  4. You will receive a notification once your product has been reviewed.


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