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New Hiring Authorities for Military Spouses, Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities in Marine Corps Community Services

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Dennis Ray

Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), United States Marine Corps, is taking significant steps to enhance its recruitment efforts by implementing new hiring authorities for military spouses, veterans of the U.S. military, and individuals with disabilities. This initiative aims to attract world-class diverse talent from the military spouse community and create more opportunities for these individuals within MCCS.

According to the recent MARADMIN 259/23, MCCS is expanding the military spouse preference (MSP) by requiring - fund (NAF) human resources (HR) offices and selecting officials to provide competitive employment preference for military spouses who are minimally qualified. Additionally, optional non-competitive hiring authority may be granted to military spouses with MSP, veterans, and persons with disabilities.

This new policy aligns with current DoD and Marine Corps MSP policies, which state that MSP applies to NAF payband positions graded at NF-03 and below, positions in the child and youth payband system (CY), as well as crafts and trades positions (NA, NL, and NS). It ensures that eligible and qualified candidates receive fair consideration for employment within these categories.

Under the merit staffing/competitive procedures, selection is now required for minimally qualified candidates utilizing MSP, unless a sufficient written justification for selecting a non-MSP candidate has been approved by the servicing NAF HR Director. The recruitment process may also involve interviews to assess minimum qualifications and the ability to meet work schedule requirements.

Furthermore, the optional non-competitive hiring authority enables the placement of military spouses with MSP, veterans, and individuals with disabilities into vacant NAF payband positions graded at NF-03 and below, positions in the child and youth pay band system (CY), and crafts and trades positions (NA, NL, and NS).

To ensure proper implementation, procedural guidance for Marine Corps NAF HR offices and selecting officials regarding non-competitive placement and employment preference was issued concurrently by the Business and Support Services Division (MR), Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA)

This new hiring authority is a significant step towards strengthening diversity and inclusivity within MCCS. By expanding more opportunities for military spouses, veterans, and individuals with disabilities, MCCS aims to tap into a pool of talented individuals who bring unique skills and experiences to the organization. This initiative not only benefits the individuals themselves but also promotes a stronger and more diverse workforce within the Marine Corps Community Services. Learn more by visiting Careers - MCX (

About the Author: 

Dennis Ray is the Deputy Director, Human Resources, Non-Appropriated Funds, Marine Corps Community Services Business and Support Services Division, Headquarters Marine Corps, Manpower & Reserve Affairs (MR) Division. Dennis is a Marine Corps veteran and transitioned from active-duty service at the rank of Corporal. During his career in Human Resources (HR), he has been instrumental in developing and implementing strategic HR policies and plans that solve complex challenges in support of the overall Marine Corps mission.


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