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Excellent Grades Deserve Exceptional Rewards!

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Katelyn Philippsen

The Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) is committed to helping Marine Corps families with rewarding students for good grades. The Super Star Student program is for grade K-12 students, including students who attend school at home, who attain an overall B, S, or 3 average, or better, for a grading period. California Students must achieve a 2 average, or higher, in the first trimester, or second trimester; or average 3, or higher, in the third trimester to qualify. All students must be authorized patrons of the MCX.


Participating students may visit their local main MCX customer service within 30 days of receiving their report card. Once eligibility criteria is confirmed, the student will receive one scratch-off card with a guaranteed price. There is an opportunity to win one MCX gift card valued at $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or $250!  Every student will be a WINNER! There is no minimum purchase required.


Students have a wide range of products and brands to choose from. From toys to apparel to electronics, the MCX has the coolest and trendiest products. Students will have an exciting time, finding what they need, as a result of working hard to earn good grades!



About the Author

Katelyn Philippsen is currently the Advertising Production Specialist for Headquarters MCCS-MR, managing and supporting marketing campaigns for MCCS revenue generating programs. She has worked for MCCS since 2013, spending 8 years in the Merchandising Branch as an Assistant Buyer for Young Mens, Ladies Apparel and Accessories.

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