Military Star Card



What is Military Star Card?

Marine Corps Exchange encourages and promotes the responsible use of credit and building credit wisely. The Military Star Card is tailored to active duty, reserve, retired-service members and their family's credit needs. At forward deployed locations it has proven to be invaluable to military members in making purchases at the tactical field exchanges and temporary exchange facilities, because of the acceptance and controls. That's why there is no other credit source available to service members and their families today that can provide the level of support that the Military Star Card provides. To learn more, visit their website or chat online with a sales representative today.



Did You Know?

Exchange credit card fees impact the entire military community. Shoppers patronizing Marine Corps Exchange probably don't give a second thought as to which credit card to use at checkout. What they may not be aware of, however, is that the use of bank-issued cards ultimately costs the military community millions annually.

By using bank-issued cards, MCX facilities pay processing expenses that add up to millions of dollars annually and, in turn, lose critical funds that could be used for morale, welfare and recreation programs. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost to bank-issued card processing fees in just the last five years.

One way military families can help reduce costs and strengthen their Exchange benefit is to take advantage of the Military Star Card, the card that does not charge processing fees to the Exchange. Unlike bank cards, profits generated from the Military Star Card are shared with military communities through contributions to the military service's quality-of-life funds. Reducing unnecessary expenses can go a long way in maximizing the quality of life for our Marines.