TBS Uniform Shop



Click on the link below, for forms to purchase uniforms and accessories. After filling out the form(s), save to your computer and email as an attachment to TBS Uniform Shop.

WO Price Guide
Please Note: If for some reason you have problems saving the file to your computer, print the form and fax it to TBS Uniform Shop at 703-432-6459.

Male Officer Uniform Requirements Female Officer Uniform Requirements
  • All Weather Coat
  • Utility Unform Package
  • Male Officer Service Alpha Uniform Package
  • Male Officer Dress Blue/White Uniform Package
  • Male Officer Minimum Uniform Requirements
  • Male Officer Evening Dress
  • Male SNCO Evening Dress
  • Male Warrant Officer Minimum Uniform Requirements
  • Utility Unform Package
  • Female Officer Service Alpha Uniform Package
  • Female Officer Dress Blue/White Uniform Package
  • Female Officer Minimum Uniform Requirements
  • Female Officer Evening Dress
  • Female SNCO Evening Dress
  • Female Warrant Officers Minimum Uniform Requirements



Phone: 703-432-8863

DLA Government Issue Uniforms and Accessories are now available at the Main Exchange.