Barber Shop

Military haircuts are our specialty; we also do civilian styles, shampoos and shaves. No appointment is necessary just come on by, take a ticket and we will be with you shortly!


Flight Line Complex
(858) 695-7389 / Bldg. 8600
Mon-Fri (6:30am-4pm) / Sat (Closed) / Sun (9am-3pm)


Main Exchange
(858) 695-7227 / Bldg. 2660
Mon (7am-6pm) / Tue-Sat (8am-6pm) /Sun (9am-6pm)


Barber Shops

Did you know we have two barber shops on base? One is across from the flight line in the Flight Line Marine Mart Complex and the other is located at the Main Store promenade. For our customers at the Barber Shop in the Main Store, we have two large flat screen TVs for you to watch as you wait. No matter what day of the week, there’s always one open to serve you! The Barber Shops accept Star Cards.

Regulation Haircut $10.50
Children Basic 12 & Under $11.00
Mens Scissor Style Cut $12.00
Beard Trim $5.00
Mustache Trim $4.50
Military Flat Top $11.50
Add ons:  
Line up/Edge up (All Areas) $4.00
Razor (Electric) Add On $1.00
Hard Part $2.00
Design/Tattoo Style Cut $6.00 +up