Vanguard Kiosk

The bright Vanguard-red “EzRackbuilder” state of the art self service touch screen computer kiosk is located inside the Military Clothing Store at the Annex, B# 1090.

The machine allows customers to build virtual military medal and ribbon racks on its computer touchscreen using the popular EzRackbuilder software program. Customers enter their award information and the EzRackbuilder places all of the medals and ribbons in perfect order of precedence on its screen in addition to precisely affixing all of the attachments and devices to those awards according to the user’s branch of service regulations.

Customers can then actually order the ready-to-wear product with a personal credit card. Orders are shipped directly to the customer. Located inside the Military Clothing Store at the Annex, Bldg# 1090.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: 0700 – 2100

Saturday: 0900 – 2100

Sunday and Holidays: 0900 – 1900.